25 Types Of Composite Products Production


The composite forming process is the base and condition of the composite industry. With the development of composite applications, the composite industry has developed speedily. Some molding technology becomes more perfect and new method constantly emerges. Now more than 20 molding methods of polymer matrix composites, and successfully used in industrial production. Such as;

1.Hand lay-up molding process, wet layer molding method.

2.Spray up molding

3.Resin transfer molding (RTM technology)

4.Bag pressure (pressure bag method)

5.Vacuum bag molding

6.Autoclave molding technology

7.Hydraulic kettle molding technology

8.Thermal expansion molding technology

9.Sandwich structure molding technology

10.Mold material production process

11.ZMC molding material injection technology

12.Mold pressing technology

13.Laminated plate production technology

14.Rolling tube forming technology

15.Filament winding products molding technology

16.The continuous plate production process

17.Casting molding technology

18.Pultrusion technology

19.Continuous winding pipe technology

20.Braided composite manufacturing technology

21.Thermoplastic SMC product molding and cold mold stamping molding technology

22.Injection molding technology

23.Extrusion molding technology

24.Centrifugal casting pipe molding technology

25.Other molding technology

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