Characteristics Of Fire-proofing Phenolic Grating


Characteristics of fire-proofing phenolic grating:

(1)Corrosion resistance: Excellent corrosion resistance performance. It can resist different levels of corrosion from all kinds of mediums such as acid, alkali, organic solvents and salt.

(2)High strength with light weight: Fire-proofing phenolic gratings are pultruded with resin wetting out reinforcement materials including fiberglass, continuous strand mat and surfacing mat. High content of fiberglass more than 70% makes it excellent in specific strength and specific stiffness.

(3)Fire-proofing: Fire-proofing phenolic gratings can completely satisfy the requirements of relevant international standards such as the 6th and 7th of BS476 about construction standard and it comes as level 0. It also satisfies the level 1 in wind tunnel test, the French standard M1 and F1 , the Germany standard DIN131 and the requirement about smoke critical temperature.

(4)Impact and strain resistant: High shock strength and permission of repetitive bend without permanent deformation. Proper elasticity makes it comfortable for workers.

(5)Anti-skidding: Extra anti-skidding property results from sanding with binder.

(6)Anti-aging: More than 30 years of life span. After blazing for a long time, there will be some changes in the appearance but it keeps 95% of strength.

(7)Artistic and low maintenance: Dye is mixed with resin to form the gratings and create a bright, beautiful color and it won’t fade easily. It doesn’t need painting and has a self-cleaning function.

(8)Safe: Widely used in areas with electric conduction, equipment sensitive to magnetism and inflammable, explosive places because of excellent performance in electrical insulation and non-magnetism.

In addition, there is a big demand for phenolic gratings in the chemical industry, metallurgy industry, electroplate industry, etc.

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