Phenolic Pultrusion Grating In Offshore Oil Drilling Platform


Gratings applicated in oil drilling platforms need to be fire-retardant, anti-corrosion, high strength with lightweight and non-conductive. Phenolic pultrusion gratings are strong enough to stand a shock with a-50 kilos-motor dropped from 1.2 meters high. Phenolic pultrusion gratings weigh 15kg kg/m&sup3 which is 80% lighter than steel gratings and with 1 kilo decreasing in the weight of gratings, the support structure under the platform can save 2 tons. It is believed phenolic pultrusion grating is the first choice of materials which are safe and reliable. It has recently been used in our drilling platform in the South China Sea. Phenolic gratings are made with pultruded I-beam or T-beam as load bars and solid tubes or rods as connection parts. Phenolic pultrusion gratings contain about 76 to 77 percent of fiberglass. When using rovings as reinforcement materials, the flexure strength is 675 MPa while the flexure modulus is 20GPa. The distortion temperature is pretty high and varies from 250 to 300 degrees. It has extended a big market for phenolic pultrusion gratings.

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