Advantage and Application of FRP Rock Bolt


FRP rock bolt is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic special unsaturated polyester resin as the basic material, glass fiber reinforced plastic fiber as the reinforcing material, by special pultrusion machine traction, through the prefomed mold under high temperature and high pressure solidification into full thread glass fiber reinforced plastic rod body, plus resin anchoring agent, tray and nut to form FRP rock bolt.

Due to the good chemical properties of the special resin and the high-strength of the glass fiber, coupled with the special manufacturing process, which determined that the FRP rock bolt has the incomparable performance advantages of other materials.

  • High strength: the tensile strength of the rod body is ≥300MPa;
  • High tensile strength: torque≥40N·m;
  • Light weight, about 1/4 of the metal bolt of the same specification;
  • Can cut, not easy to damage the cutting machine;
  • The surface is antistatic, flame retardant, and does not produce sparks when cutting;
  • Corrosion resistance, heat insulation, long-lasting durability, and good bonding force with resin anchoring agent.

Application of FRP Rock Bolt

1. Achitechive
Cooling towers, FRP doors and windows, building structures, enclosure structures, indoor equipment and decorative parts, FRP plates, corrugated tiles, decorative panels, sanitary ware and integral toilets, saunas, surfing baths, building construction templates, storage warehouse buildings, and solar energy Use devices and so on.

2. Chemical and chemical industry
Corrosion-resistant pipelines, storage tanks, corrosion-resistant pumps and accessories, corrosion-resistant valves, grilles, ventilation facilities, sewage and wastewater treatment equipment and accessories, etc.

3. Automobile and railway transportation industry
Automobile shells and other parts, all-plastic mini-cars, large passenger cars’ body shells, doors, inner panels, main pillars, floors, bottom beams, bumpers, dashboards, minivans, and fire tank trucks, refrigerated trucks, and tractors In terms of railway transportation, there are train window frames, inner roof curved panels, roof water tanks, toilet floors, luggage car doors, roof ventilators, refrigerated car doors, water storage tanks, and some railways Communication facilities, etc.; in terms of road construction, there are traffic signs, road signs, isolation piers, highway guardrails, and so on.

4. Boat and water transportation industry
Inland passenger and cargo ships, fishing boats, hovercraft, various yachts, racing boats, high-speed boats, lifeboats, transportation boats, as well as glass fiber reinforced plastic navigation beacon buoys and mooring buoys, etc.

5. Electrical Industry and Communication Engineering
There are arc extinguishing equipment, cable protection tube, generator stator coil and support ring and cone shell, insulation tube, insulation rod, motor guard ring, high-voltage insulator, standard capacitor shell, motor cooling sleeve, generator wind deflector, etc. Electrical equipment; electrical equipment such as distribution boxes and switchboards, insulated shafts, glass fiber reinforced plastic covers; printed circuit boards, antennas, radomes and other electronic engineering applications.

Advantage and Application of FRP Rock Bolt

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