Advantage of Fiberglass Filament Winding Pipe/Tube


The structure characteristic of pultruded fiberglass pipe/ tube, pultruded thin wall and the high-pressure pipe has excellent corrosion resistance, no corrosion protection and other protection measures, which do have second pollution to water and other media, and with long life span. It can also be made by pulwound or filament winding.

Fiberglass Pultrusion Pipe/ Tube Properties :

* Corrosion resistance: chemical inert material with excellent corrosion resistance and can be selected different corrosion resistant pipeline according to the transmission medium .

* High mechanical strength: water pressure strength, resistance to external pressure and impact strength are good and can be designed according to the requirements of the design and manufacture of pipes and fittings.

* High temperature adaptability : the use of temperature range greater than -70 degrees Celsius and less than 250 degrees Celsius. The pipeline does not crack under the frozen medium.

* Small fluid resistance : the inner wall of the pipe is smooth and the roughness coefficient is 0.0084, and the diameter can be reduced under the same flow rate.

* Light weight with long life: light weight, convenient transportation, low construction costs, no maintenance and the service life of more than 50 years.

* Maintain the water quality: non-toxic, delivery of drinking water and can maintain long-term water quality and hygiene.

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