Pp flange variety, production process, simple connection mode, thus become pp pipeline system used in most of the pieces.

Pp flange classification

The connection between pp flange is mainly used for pp pipe.

According to the pp pipe outside diameter size and the connection mode is divided into: with neck flange, plane flange, ordinary socket flange, hot melt socket flange and flange.

According to the process can be divided into: die flange, injection molding of the flange and non-standard flange.

Do boards to the blind flange is used for the pipe, usually use.

Non-standard flange is commonly used in pipe and pump valve, the connection between the pipe and equipment.

How to use pp flange

Pp with neck flange, butt welding machine heated to a certain temperature, will be fixed on either side of the heating plate, flange and pipe after being soft joint, flange and pipe butt, after cooling for trimming.

This kind of connection mode, the pressure is big.

Pp flat flange is generally not used alone, with mat formation lap joint flange ring form a complete set, as with neck flange is used, more flexible than with neck flange, but expensive.

Pp socket flange: pp pipe into flanged mouth, then sealed with electrode, the confined ability not equal to take neck flange, hot melt flange.

Pp: hot melt socket flange is connected with hot melt machine, more commonly used in Φ below 110 the connections between the pipe fitting, pressure is big.

Socket flange and flange of the difference is that the size of the flange hole.

Socket flange of the flange diameter greater than the corresponding model of pipe diameter, hot melt socket flange diameter is less than the corresponding to the pipe diameter.

Users in pp flange of choose and buy when, according to their own situation, good communicate with factory, select the correct connection mode, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

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