Fiberglass Gratings Performance


There are 5 important Fiberglass Gratings Performance:

Fiberglass gratings are resistant to acid, alkali, organic solvents and salts, and other gas, liquid medium corrosion. Glass fiber reinforced plastic gratings have incomparable advantages in the field of corrosion protection. It will not happen in the electrochemical corrosion of chemical medium under the action of rust, the material structure won’t be damaged, and you don’t need to maintain regular or irregular inspection, rot, mildew and other phenomena. It is different from the wood and other materials, and they are ideal replacement of products such as iron, wood, cement and other traditional materials. According to the actual situation of application requirements, it can be economical to choose the use of the adjacent benzene, benzene, vinyl and other resin matrix material.


Fiberglass reinforced plastic pultruded and molded gratings are lightweight and super strong. The density is smaller compared with steel gratings,fiberglass gratings density is only 1/4 of steel, 2/3 of aluminum, and the strength is 10 times higher than the hard PVC material. Its light weight can greatly reduce the foundation support and the cost of the project materials. The cutting and installation are very easy, no large lifting equipment is required, only a small amount of manual and electric tools, the installation cost is greatly reduced.


Fiberglass reinforced plastic grating has high fire safety. The oxygen index of the general FRP molded grating (according to GB 8924 test) is more than 32, the flame propagation rate (according to ASTME-84) as a flame retardant.


Fiberglass gratings impact resistance and fatigue resistance are better than other materials. Glass fiber reinforced plastic grating has a high impact strength, which allows repeated bending without permanent deformation. But the metal grating will retain the permanent deformation and need to repair after the impact. At the same time, glass fiber reinforced plastic gratings have a moderate flexibility, making the staff feel comfortable in the work, and it will reduce the staff’s sense of urgency of the legs and back, to reduce the occurrence of accidents, it is conducive to improve production efficiency.


Fiberglass gratings have good anti-slip performance. FRP molded grating with anti-skid function, through molding process with anti-skid concave surface and sand surface anti-skid naturally formed two kinds of anti sand and sand mold molding and demolding through two kinds of sand binder processed again, these two kinds of sand surface provides excellent anti-skid function of sand is not easy peeling and very durable.

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