FRP Cable Tray and Cable Ladder Characteristics


FRP Cable Tray and Cable Ladder Characteristics

1. Because the fiberglass pultruded cable tray and cable ladder can meet the requirements of different use of the environment and the special performance, as long as the selection of suitable raw materials, they can meet various application performance requirements for the use of the product. Therefore, the FRP cable tray is a kind of design of a variety of materials.

2. Fiberglass pultruded cable tray is one-time molding production, which is another significant difference from metal materials. As long as selecting the appropriate raw materials laying methods and procedures per the design of the product, you can complete the glass fiber reinforced plastic materials and structures.

3. Fiberglass cable tray is a kind of energy-saving material. If production with hand lay-up technology, the temperature of the molding is generally at room temperature or below 100℃, so it is very low energy consumption. Even for those who adopt mechanical forming process, such as winding, molding, injection, injection, RTM, pultrusion method, molding temperature is much lower than metal materials and other non-metallic materials, so it can reduce much of the energy consumption for molding.

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