FRP Products Application In Automobile Industry


The application of thermoplastic fiberglass reinforced plastics products in the automobile is mainly in the bottom of the car, from the irresistible trend of thermoplastic glass, we have strong confidence in the automotive industry in this material.

FRP Products Application In Automobile Industry

Car FRP Shell

Fiberglass tank (winding and centrifugal casting) in the production of a pendulum has a gratifying growth after years of decline. Glass fiber reinforced plastic profile did not return to the power of the past, its production is still determined by the bulk order. Hand lay-up molding production has remained basically the inconvenience, and it’s market is mainly driven by the construction of the wind power station, the current number of wind power station growth slowed down, but the small wind power station has been replaced by a large. So the fiberglass hand lay-up products production growth trend is still good.

The construction of large offshore wind power stations don’t have big growth due to some problems in the construction has not been solved. Since 2004, due to the sharp rise in crude oil prices and strong demand for raw materials, which leads to rising prices of raw materials for FRP. Such as unsaturated polyester resin, until September 2005 prices are still rising. In particular, the automotive parts of the glass fiber reinforced plastic industry, it is difficult to pass the price of raw materials to the automobile glass fiber reinforced plastic parts, the product’s gross profit margin will cause pressure.

FRP Products Application In Automobile Industry

Automotive FRP parts

Despite the continued growth of automotive glass fiber, which eased the part of the price pressure, the car parts manufacturers still can not avoid to increase the price of products to ease the pressure on raw material prices. 2005 innovation award awarded tank is fixed with glass fiber reinforced polypropylene to replace the traditional iron strap. Its stability is 2 times higher, light weight 70%, can be welded, can be recycled, anti-corrosion, market potential.

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