The Constitution of Fiberglass Perforator


FRP perforator consists of three parts: copper, glass fiber reinforced, high pressure low density polyethylene protective layer (smooth and strong, can resist bad environments).

Copper conductor article make tong can be easily placed in different ways.

Glass reinforced plastics by resin, collagen fiber, yarn, and other accessories, after technical personnel to the accurate ratio of raw materials, in turn, add to the material inside the tank, according to the yarn spinning speed and the change of temperature, after heating together the various materials, sturdy steel reinforced glass was born!

Its resistance to tensile strength can increase more than a dozen times, so that glass fiber reinforced plastic has good resistance to tensile strength;

Wait for FRP rod cooling after began to import of engineering plastics, plastic coated Taiwan through the role of the traction machine wear glass clamp plate to the car, a dish of exquisite and durable perforator can let customers safely use.

With glass fiber reinforced plastic or its products as reinforced material, appellation for glass fiber reinforced plastic, or appellation FRP.

Fiberglass easy processing, stainless is not bad, do not need to paint.

Punch made of glass fiber reinforced plastic as the raw material which is called FRP perforator, strong resistance to tension and corrosion resistance, is one of the tools of modern communication pipeline construction.

FRP perforation equipment to save time, effort, and improve working efficiency advantages, can be used for telecommunication pipeline cleaning and fiber optic cable, cable and plastic tube of the cloth.

Will first when using FRP rod by lead wheel derivation, then connected to the corresponding metal head, through the line.

When used to clean up, guide head drive cleaning tools, can clean tube;

When used for cloth cable wire or iron wire into the first, and then use wire or iron wire traction cable into the pipe.

Fiberglass punch is a punch tool can be used repeatedly, it can effectively improve you laying optical cable or cable work efficiency.

Made of fiberglass composite perforator, better combination of rigidity and toughness of two kinds of characteristics.

Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long life characteristics.

Can measure the pipe length, clean pipeline, acceptance, and can be laid.

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