Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Grating Aisle Board


Glass fiber reinforced plastic grille department make reinforced material with high strength glass fiber yarn, unsaturated polyester resin as matrix, the special compound processing and molding of gratings.

DIN53432 standard strength, high corrosion resistance, strong bearing capacity, good skid resistance, nonmagnetic insulating, attractive and durable, easy installation, etc.

Widely used in petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy, electricity, food, transportation, environmental protection and other industrial areas.

Especially for sewage treatment plant, water plant, all kinds of pump room and the places where requires corrosion protection is more applicable, is a concrete slab steel plate and other non-metallic plate the ideal alternative products.

Products according to user needs to produce different specifications of the grille plate, plate.

Characteristics: corrosion resistance, flame retardant, light weight, high strength, aging resistance, can design sex safety non-slip, superior performance

Installation method:

Walk but quick installation, complete accessories, can be laid according to the requirements of customers design, and for the customer to cut processing, can provide installation instructions for customer on-site installation or service, let customers obtain the best economic benefits.

1. The platform installation:

Walk but support on the steel beam at least 40 mm wide retainer, but with you but I install gap between 5 mm, walk but with concrete column installation clearance to 10 mm.

2. The trench installation:

Reference to walk, but the single size adjusted trench size as far as possible, go after but cutting edge for closed mouth, maintain the integrity of the cell and beautiful and easy installation.

Go but at least 40 mm wide on the concrete low-level retainer, the clearance between the concrete and walk but also for 3 ~ 6 mm.

Walk but maintenance:

1. In the process of using available liquid detergent to clean the surface dust, dirt, don’t need other maintenance measures.

2. Should be avoided in the process of using steel structure and equipment repair welding, the oxyacetylene flame and other direct contact with the flame and high temperature.

3. Should be avoided in the process of using the steel structure and equipment maintenance all kinds of steel, steel tool, tools, such as drag, and paint pollution impact damage.

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