Advantages of Fiberglass Rods


Fiberglass rod is a kind of pultruded fiberglass composite material, which is made of continuous fiberglass roving and resin under the pulling molding of pultrusion machine.

The resin-rich layer on the surface makes it good corrosion resistance and also has excellent characteristics such as lightweight, high strength, good elasticity, dimensional stability, accurate size, insulation, non-thermal conductivity, flame retardant, beautiful appearance, and easy maintenance. The best product to replace steel and other materials in engineering in corrosive environments.

Advantages of Fiberglass Rods

fiberglass rods

Commonly used specifications are: diameter 0.6mm-50mm, Unicomposite can produce special specifications according to customer needs.

Fiberglass rods have the following advantages:

  1. Good elasticity, not easy to break when bent.
  2. Insulating and non-conducting: has good electrical insulation, no electromagnetism, and sparks. It can be used in equipment areas with electrical hazards and magnetic susceptibility, as well as in flammable and explosive places.
  3. Safety: FRP profiles will not generate sparks due to collision during installation and use, and are especially suitable for flammable and explosive environments. In addition, profiles with a non-slip surface layer prevent slippage, reduce accidents, and are easy to install and maintenance-free.
  4. The color is bright, the appearance is beautiful, it will not fade easily, no paint is needed, and it has a self-cleaning effect.
  5. Impact and fatigue resistance of fiberglass rods: high impact strength, repeated bending without permanent deformation.
  6. High-temperature resistance, flame retardant: The thermal expansion coefficient is much lower than that of ordinary plastics. It has excellent mechanical properties at low temperatures, will not melt at high temperatures, and has a high-temperature resistance range is -50-180 degrees Celsius.
  7. Good designability and machinability: suitable resin matrix and reinforcing materials can be selected according to customer requirements and use environment for production; cutting, drilling, turning, and grinding are possible.

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