Application of fiberglass rebar in Concrete Structure


Reinforced concrete structures are the most widely used engineering structures in civil engineering. Most buildings and structures in the world are built with reinforced concrete structures. However, due to the erosion of the harsh external environment, the concrete protective layer will be carbonized, cracked, and peeled off. The steel bars are corroded, which in turn affects the safety of the entire building.

Affected by extreme bad weather, the safety of many buildings will be threatened during the design reference period, which requires a lot of manpower, material, and financial resources to maintain and repair. Some steel bars in the harbor terminal buildings will be seriously rusted within less than 10 years, which requires a lot of money to repair. Some buildings even have to be demolished and rebuilt. Replacing steel bars with fiberglass rebar can break the limitations of reinforced concrete structures and completely solve the corrosion problem of buildings.

Application of fiberglass rebar in Concrete Structure

fiberglass rebar cage

Fiberglass rebar can reduce the maintenance cost of civil engineering projects such as roads and bridges, improve the service life of buildings and ensure the safety of roads and bridges.

Fiberglass rebar is a material formed by high-performance fiber, synthetic resin matrix, and curing agents using appropriate molding processes. The performance of fiberglass rebar is basically the same as that of rebar, but it has better adhesion to concrete. Fiberglass rebar does not corrode, weighs Light, has strong tensile strength, easy to transport, and is easy to operate, while steel bars are easy to corrode, heavy, and inconvenient to transport.

Application of fiberglass rebar in Concrete Structure

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Fiberglass rebar and reinforced concrete in the acid environment, water environment, dry environment, alkaline environment, and salt environment, the test shows that the bond strength between fiberglass rebar and concrete is higher than that of steel bar, which can adapt to certain The engineering structure in a specific environment can maximize economic benefits while reducing engineering risks.

In the field of civil construction, the application of fiberglass rebar is mainly reflected in two aspects: on the one hand, it is used to replace steel rebar as the reinforcing rebar; on the other hand, it is used in the reinforcement, transformation, and reinforcement of special structures such as highway, railway bridges, urban overpasses, viaducts, civil buildings, and tunnels.

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