Advantages Of Polyurethane Pultrusion Products


There are obvious advantages of polyurethane pultrusion products.

(1) It may require to use as many as four or five different glass fiber mat when pultruding with traditional resin. These mats must be cut to the required shape. When using polyurethane pultrusion, we can often use roving instead of glass fiber mat to reduce the raw material cost and the operation of the mat by the consumption of labor cost.  After the cancellation of the mat, the speed of production lines can be improved in many cases, so as to improve the cost-efficiency. On the other hand, with the roving instead of a mat, fiber volume content can be increased by about 80% and the majority of nonfiber content of polyurethane pultruded products 60%. Thus, resin glass fiber content and performance better combination of strength and stiffness of the polyurethane to create better pultruded profiles.

(2) The strength properties of polyurethane pultruded products make some new applications of composite products. These products can be used for the purposes of poly vinyl acetate resin can not be qualified, in the construction, transportation and infrastructure markets instead of steel and aluminum.

(3) The original pultrusion system into polyurethane pultrusion system is relatively simple, convenient and economic, without the need for large investment. The installation position of the injection box and pultrusion die import top flush. The injection was made into the box can be high density polyethylene material, in order to reduce the cost, convenient cleaning and prevent the damage of fiber. The resin of two components of the pumping speed and resin consumption speed matching, and keep enough pressure in the injection tank, to ensure that the glass fiber soaked.

(4) In addition to the advantages of the above physical properties and molding, pultrusion parts assembly polyurethane also has the advantages of convenience, especially for fastening. Made of polyurethane strength in polyurethane pultruded products is arranged on a screw, without pre drilling, so you can save time and labor. In turn, the polyurethane pultrusion pull out the screw forces required products in polyester pultruded products more than two times the crew pull-out strength needed.

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