Fiberglass Pultruded Sheet


The main function of fiberglass sheet is to filter out ultraviolet rays from the sun to avoid direct exposure to ultraviolet light to meet many users’ demands.

The raw material of glass fiber yarn gives the product a good anti impact performance and anti bending performance, it can withstand hail, typhoons and not easy to break. Compared with glass, it can ensure safety and reduce maintenance costs.

Choose a suitable resin as raw materials, the transparent fiberglass lighting board rate control can be controlled in 25 ~ 85%, special technology to make the incident light is very soft, and create a comfortable working environment.

The production of raw materials of resin and glass fiber yarn mutual combination, structural stability, thermal performance, can effectively reduce due to the changes of cold and heat stress caused by the coupling site occurred leakage.

The forming process of FRP lighting plate is a continuous pultrusion forming process. Through adjusting the formulation and process parameters, a variety of different colors of the products can be achieved, which are suitable for decoration.

Characteristics Of Pultruded Sheet:

Good transparency: the UV blocking rate is up to 99%, and it’s suitable for the health of the human body’s needs. Light transmission rate of 25 ~ 85% can be chosen from.

Acid and alkali corrosion resistance: it has sufficient high corrosion resistance, which can be used for a long time in various situations.

High temperature resistance: stability of polymer resin and glass fiber yarn is high, so it has high temperature resistant ability.

Good toughness: it has strength and bearing capacity of toughness similar to the metal sheet, and not easy to be damaged.

Long service life: the general service time is less than 30 years.

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