Pipeline Corrosion Reasons


As we all know, fiberglass pultruded tubes are corrosion resistant, why some FRP pipes have corrosion during application? That is not caused by a long-term formation of the damage, and there is no doubt that the method of welding with the pipeline. In oil and gas equipment, the corrosion of the weld is more important than the other parts. Nearly 60% of the corrosion holes appear in the weld zone, which will cause the cracking of the fiberglass pipe. So we need to know that this is a mistake in the welding procedure when the new pipeline is damaged at the first stage of application.

To understand the specific problem, we should know how to do the maintenance of the details. FRP pipeline is a significant portion of the corrosion degree because of the following reasons: first of all, the welding quench heat, cause changes in the organization of base metal, so it’s easy to lead to galvanic corrosion; in addition, weld residual stress will lead to stress corrosion. Secondly, when doing the pipeline weld repair, due to the difficulty of filling technology and higher standard requirements, often difficult to meet the construction requirements, and lead to perforation of the welding zone.

Therefore, when in the face of pipe corrosion caused unnecessary harm, we must be vigilant. We should strengthen supervision efforts in the setting of the pipeline to avoid the damage caused by fiberglass pipeline corrosion.

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