Design Of Fiberglass Pultruded Doors And Windows Profiles Mould


Requirements Of Pultrusion Mold:

Characteristics of pultrusion mold heating curing products is a continuous molding, mold long-term in a heated state, some block mold production failure and product replacement cleaning need disassembling the mold. The process characteristics of such requirements pultruded mold has good dimensional stability. When impregnated resin, glass fiber is pulled into the mold, the volume reduction associated with pultrusion phenomenon, fiber bundles on the cavity surface normal stress increases, leading to increased friction, the mold is always in the extrusion and friction state, this requires the pultrusion die with excellent wear resistance. Pultrusion, impregnated resin fiber beam side heating curing reaction, on the side of the traction device under the action of the die before moving along, products of the surface by friction effect of dynamic. In order to get the product with good surface quality, it requires a smooth surface of pultrusion mold with, even to a mirror effect.

Selection Of Mould Material:

Mold material directly affects the mold performance, thereby affecting the quality and yield of pultruded profiles. Because of high precision mold, complex processing, long manufacturing cycle, high cost, the mold should have a longer service life. The general mold material is required to have the following properties:

(1) high strength, fatigue resistance and wear resistance;

(2) higher heat resistance, deformation resistance of low thermal;

(3) good corrosion resistance;

(4) cutting and polishing the surface of good performance.

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