Application of Fiberglass Rock Bolt


The FRP rock bolt is a fully threaded rod made of glass fiber and reinforced resin, filled with curing agents, flame retardants, etc., using pultrusion, winding and other processes. The shape of the anchor rod body is full thread, the thread is left-handed or right-handed, with strong binding force and large anchoring force. Through curing under high temperature and high pressure, the strength is high and the tensile strength is better than that of ordinary steel, and even reaches more than 2 times of the same specification steel bolt.

Advantages of FRP Rock Bolt

  1. Non-Corrosive, will not corrode exposed to a wide variety of corrosive elements including chloride ions.
  2. High Strength and large anchoring force, provides good reinforcement in weight sensitive applications.
  3. Non-Conductive, provides excellent electrical and thermal insulation.
  4. Excellent Fatigue Resistance, performs very well in cyclic loading situations.
  5. Good Impact Resistance, resists sudden and severe point loading.
  6. Magnetic Transparency, not affected by electromagnetic fields; excellent for use in MRI and other types of electronic testing facilities.
  7. Light Weight, easy to be transported, no need for lifting equipment, saving high machine and manual cost.
  8. Easy to cut, no spark in cutting. It’s safe to be used in tunnel constructions especially in high gas concentration area like coal mine.

FRP rock bolt with its excellent properties gradually replaced steel bolt, especially in environments that require corrosion resistance and no electronic magnetic field. The correct use of FRP rock bolt in the right occasions will greatly reduce the overall project cost.

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