Applications of FRP Grating from Ocean to Sky


The application of FRP gratings is from the ocean to the sky, from the deck paving of ships to aviation technology, with more and more applications and more complete functions.

First, for metal surface treatment: for example, it can be used in most places of pickling liquid, and as a substitute for wooden floors around some machines and around some highly corrosive containers. In addition, it is laid on the aisle of the electroplating line or used as a double floor.

Second, used in marine food processing plants: for example, in those slippery grounds, with harsh environments such as damp and salty tides, or in ships that need to go to sea and have the same environment as above.

Third, used in the transportation industry: FRP grating can be used as a platform, or as a bedding for the deck of a ship, paved walkways for anti-skid, and even military minesweepers need the help of FRP grating, and then the use as stair tread.

Fourth, used in the production workshops of the beverage industry: the stair slabs can be replaced with glass steel gratings, and can also be used to replace expensive stainless steel to reduce costs, and can also be covered with load floors to protect the environment.

Fifth, used in pulp processing plants: general glass fiber reinforced plastic gratings can be used in the stairs of this type of processing plant, as the slabs and floor slabs of the stairs, the walkways of the floor, and the places with high relative humidity to protect the building Protect objects from abrasion and anti-skid, etc.

The five types mentioned above describe the application of FRP gratings in more detail. In addition to these, FRP gratings are also used in environmental protection and aerospace science and technology, and they can play a key role.

Due to the excellent corrosion resistance of FRP grating, it is widely used in stairs, handrails, operating platforms, aisles, etc. in petroleum, water conservancy, textile printing and dyeing, food processing, electronics industry, sewage treatment, shipbuilding, civil construction, power engineering, power substations, and chemical industries. Drainage system, seabed identification marks, sucker rods of oil wells, various anti-corrosion supports.

FRP gratings are usually used as floors, walkways, work platforms, stairways, ditch covers, etc., and are the primary product for wet and slippery environments, hot and humid rust areas, and corrosion areas. Such as electroplating plants, cooling towers, dock projects, sewage treatment plants, etc.


Advantages of FRP grating:

  • Light weight and high strength, density 4 times not as much as steel and 11/2 times to aluminum.
  • High temperature resistance, open flame resistance, and excellent thermal conductivity. The maximum temperature of fire resistance can reach 1400 degrees, and it is almost non-conductive, suitable for application in some large factories.
  • Wear resistance and aging resistance, long service life, generally more than 30 years.
  • High alkali resistance and corrosion resistance. For example, some places with poor corrosive environment, such as chemical plants and sewage treatment plants, choose to use grid plates to replace the previous metal grid plates.
  • Excellent non-conductive, non-slip measures and extremely high safety performance.
  • A product with simple process, high economic benefit and promising development prospects.


Applications of FRP Grating from Ocean to Sky          Applications of FRP Grating from Ocean to Sky

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