FRP Grating Cover


FRP grating cover is a anti-slip covered grating, which is a combination of non-slip floor and FRP grating. FRP grating can be molded FRP grating or pultruded FRP grating.  Covered grating offers a strong, level surface for foot or cart traffic and provides approximately 30% higher stiffness than that of open mesh grating.

It is widely used in pedestrian or trolley traffic such as sidewalks, platforms and stair treads in chemicals, sewage treatment plants, coal mines and other industries. Provides a solid flooring to prevent contamination of the work surface below, to control odors under the surface, or to prevent tripping hazards for narrow heels.

Covered gratings come in two categories: FRP molded grating cover and FRP pultruded grating cover.


  • Color: gray, green, yellow, blue. (Other colors are available).
  • Surface type: Smooth surface, Concave surface, Sand surface and Check the board surface
  • The standard thickness of the cover: 3-50 mm. (Thickness can be provided according to customer’s special requirements).
  • Standard panel size (mm): 1220×3660, 1000×2000. The panel can also be cut to a certain size.

Advantages of FRP grating cover

  • Corrosion resistance. Like almost all FRP products, the FRP grating cover will not corrode or rust during its long service life.
  • Slip resistance. Concave, coarse sand and checkered board surfaces have excellent anti-slip properties.
  • Low maintenance and long service life. FRP grating cover has excellent corrosion resistance and rust resistance and high strength, which can exert good performance for up to 30 years.
  • A solid top. The solid FRP board has excellent impact resistance and high load capacity, and can bear heavy vehicles and loads.
  • Different checkerboard patterns. There are willow leaves, lentil diamonds or other customized patterns, which can provide better anti-slip performance and suit more applications and more beautiful and attractive.
  • Impact resistance and Fire retardant
  • Increased product stiffness and Light weight

Application of FRP grating cover

  • Walkway
  • Platform
  • Drain cover
  • Workstation
  • Transformer grating
  • Check manhole cover
  • Machine protection grating

FRP Grating Cover                  FRP Grating Cover

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