FRP Grating Walkways&Handrails


The FRP operating platform uses FRP profiles (such as angle profile, channel, square tube, round tube, etc.) as structural support materials, and FRP gratings as steps and walkways. It is suitable for high requirements of anti-corrosion, non-conductive, anti-riot, heat insulation, and areas with special requirements such as underground wet and cold environment. FRP platform is widely used in sewage treatment plants, water plants, petrochemicals, papermaking, steel manufacturing and other industries.

The fiberglass reinforced plastic platform uses pultruded grating and molded grating, of which the molded grating is the used more often, and can be treated with non-slip surface to increase the safety of the walkway. The FRP grating is light in weight and heavy duty which enable people and vehicles to pass through over it. In addition to being used as a walkway for the platform, the FRP grating can also be used as a stair step. Both the molded grating and the pultruded grating can be used as stairs, and are equipped with a stair nose to prevent workers from being bumped to the step.

The FRP platform uses a variety of FRP profiles as the supporting structure, which is installed and fixed with rivets and screws. Generally, handrails and fences use fiberglass round and square tubes, which are connected by fiberglass joints and screws. At present, the handrails provided by our company use 50 and 30 tubes. The supporting structure mostly uses larger sizes of angle profile and channel, which has high strength, good stability and easy installation.

The FRP platform is light in weight, convenient for transportation, and easy for workers to install. The installation of small platforms does not require much equipment or machines, which greatly reduces installation costs and improves installation efficiency.

The profiles used for the FRP platform are relatively simple. However it is not easy to design a platform. Our company can help customers with complete design and installation instructions. Welcome to contact us!


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