Application of FRP Grating in Decoration Industry(II)


FRP molded and pultruded grating with aging resistance, beautiful looking and easily maintain. FRP grating use high-quality resin and fiber manufacturing systems make it which ensure product life more than 20 years. According to national research hospital on the aging performance research detection of FRP product, the results showed that using dedicated fiberglass infiltration processing of fiberglass enhanced resin products, strength still can retained above 85% while atmosphere exposure after 20 years. FRP grating are put pigment into resin with bright color which not easily faded and no need paint,. It not confined to surface like paints. Full resin smooth surface and the oblique type within surface makes grating has self clean function, even with dirty,it still easy to flush use water or detergent and keep the grid surface bright and clean as new.

Molded or Pultruded FRP grating  with electrical insulation and high safety. FRP grid grating has excellent electric insulation, no breakdown and fly arc phenomenon on the 10KV and using in work platform ,floor and fence which has conductive against, reduced harm for staffs due to shock around conductive regional and switch equipment. Its none electromagnetic are available in magnetic-sensitive equipment. And its no spark keep FRP grating to avoid the risk of explosion and fire result from sparks from metal grid .

Easy installing of FRP gratings. Using FRP grid grating can reduce component weight substantially and then reducing the weight of support structure. And no need using lifting equipment for installation , economical and convenient.

FRP grating has low cost and high economic efficiency. The cost of Manufacture FRP grating are1.4-1.8 multiple compare with steel grating and installation costs is 20–40% for carbon and steel material . It also with no maintenance cost while steel grid require maintenance every year, cumulative maintenance costs more than the total cost of pultruded FRP gratings. Though the initial investment cost of FRP grating slightly higher than steel grating, but total economic benefit are 4-5 times compare with steel grid, which is the one of main reason to widely use FRP grating.

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