FRP Application in Various Industries Analysis


Pultrued FRP is a kind of composite material. Because of its unique performance advantages, fiberglass pultruded products have been widely used in aerospace, railway, decoration, home furnishings, advertisement display, craft gift, building materials sanitary, yacht boat, sports material, sanitation project and other related industries in more than ten line, which get high praise and been a new era in the materials industry.
FRP products also different from the traditional material products, which are much better than traditional products in performance, usage and life properties. It’s easy to shape, can be customized, free deployment of the characteristics of color and welcome by businessmen and sellers of all ages, it also occupy an increasing market share with bright prospects!

There are such industries as black metallurgy, nonferrous metallurgy, power industry, coal industry, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, electrical mechanical industry, textile industry, automobile and motorcycle manufacturing, railway, shipbuilding, Food industry, electronics industry, post and telecommunications, culture, sports and entertainment, agriculture, commerce, medicine and health industry, and military and civilian applications and other areas of application.

The main fiberglass pultrusion products type used in these industrial sectors: mine ventilation equipment, coking and related equipment, rare earth smelting and cold rolling smelting related equipment, cold rolling and electroplating equipment, power transmission and transformation equipment, wind power generation equipment, Chemical equipment, chemical building materials, mining ventilation equipment, motor parts, spare parts, mining equipment, mining machinery and equipment, water treatment equipment, water treatment equipment, power management and maintenance equipment, coal mine air duct tube, explosion-proof water bag, explosion-proof devices, oil extraction related parts and equipment, petrochemical equipment, Equipment and parts for automobile and motorcycle manufacturing, materials and parts for motorcycle manufacturing, materials and related facilities for railway locomotive and rolling stock, materials for railway signal system and related parts, Building materials, bathroom, kitchen, windows and doors, wave tiles, cooling towers, building ventilation and air-conditioning facilities, building templates, etc., light industry and daily use of various types of rivers and lakes boats, large steel boats supporting parts and ancillary facilities, Household appliances, wine, leather, furniture, food storage tank, electronic industry equipment, consumer goods and electronic equipment accessories, telecommunications equipment, telecommunications equipment, sports equipment, amusement equipment, and other related equipment, Equipment and related facilities, agricultural irrigation equipment, greenhouses, agricultural machinery parts, cold storage, aquaculture, commercial counters, commercial crates, commercial cold storage, medical industrial facilities and medical and health purposes.

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