Fiberglass Profiles Material Introduction


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Now we’ll talk about what the production of fiberhglass reinforced pultruded plastic:
Fiberglass-Composite materials made of glass fiber (inorganic non-metallic materials) and plastic (organic non-metallic materials). There are no any metal elements in Fiberglass, also no any iron-carbon alloy, it is a composite material. The reason why it is called “Fiberglass”, is because it has a strong steel character , which can be described as “not steel, rather than steel.”

Fiberglass material like all composite materials consists of two parts material. Part of the material called reinforcement which play a skeleton role in the composite materials and the other part called matrix material and play a bond role in the composite materials.

The Reinforced fiber glass is fiberglass, which by blowing or blowing into the inorganic fiber materials. And the main chemical composition is silica, alumina, boron oxide, magnesium oxide, sodium oxide and so on.  The fiber Made of filament yarn, short wire and flocculus, diameter is generally 3 to 80 microns, the thickest only the thickness of the hair like silk. Fiberglass diameter of 10 microns and the tensile strength of 3600 MPa ,which equivalent to the cross-sectional area per square millimeter can withstand 360 kg of tension and constant. This strength is twice as high as that of high strength steels..

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