Composition of Pultruded FRP Cooling Tower Filling Frame- Grating


Pultruded FRP Cooling Tower Filling Frame Grating are use FRP pultruded “I beam”, “T shape” and other profiles as the load bar and use pipe and rod as connection bar then through certain assembly process to make different specifications of the gap plate,which known as pultruded fiberglass filler shelf and Grating. Such filling rack and grating include standard and custom-made non-standard type which can change the load bar’ shape ,size or spacing, closed or anti-skid sand and etc according to customer requirements or specific usage conditions .

Technical parameters comparison table of FRP cold-water tower filling rack specifications and other materials :

ItemFiberglass bracketsAlloy cast iron bracketLarge hole concrete bracket
Ventilation area ratio90%90%62%
Easy to transport installation.
36kg/㎡90kg/㎡ high Installation cost
Bearing capacity7KN/㎡
Damage load 20KN/㎡
Damage load 11KN/ ㎡
7KN/㎡ Damage load 12KN/㎡
DeflectionIn the 7kg / ㎡ load 1.25m times the middle of the beam deflection 8mm.In the 7kg / ㎡ load 1.2m times the middle of the beam deflection 3.17mmIn the 7kg / ㎡ load 1.25m times the middle of the beam deflection 6.5mm.
Anti-corrosionNever rust, the best corrosion resistance.Add a certain amount of alloying elements after the modified HT150 corrosion resistance of HT150 three times.In the environment where the temperature difference between the thermal expansion and contraction of the environment will inevitably produce a block phenomenon.
DurabilityLife of more than 25 years.Life of about 20 years.Life of about 15 years.
EconomySaving installation costs and installation time,can increase the power generation rate.High installation costs, long installation period.High installation costs, long installation period.
VersatilityAdapt to -40 ℃- + 60 ℃ working environmentNot suitable for -40 ℃- + 60 ℃ working environment, divided into cold areas and general areas.Not suitable for -40 ℃- + 60 ℃ working environment.

FRP cold-water tower filling rack technical description:
Fiberglass filling bracket use special resin, glass fiber yarn and reinforced surface veil by special pultrusion equipment pultruded to a variety of I-shaped, fibergalss tubes , fiberglass rod , and then assembled according to users’ requirements with a variety of cooling Tower filling rack. Such rack mainly used in large mechanical ventilation cooling towers and hyperbolic natural ventilation cooling towers and it’s alternative products of cement grid and cast iron castor filler bracket.

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