Fiberglass Round Cooling Tower

Unicomposite Round counter current fiberglass cooling towers adopt counter current gas heat exchange technology. The main body is made of all-steel structure, fiberglass plate and the tower is equipped with maintenance escalator for the normal maintenance management of tower top equipment. And the Fill materials use high-quality modified PVC slanting wave plate to spread the area of water, then Through the rotating water or pipe water way to achieve uniform distribution of water and enhance the cooling effect.
Cooling tower parts description
1. Pultruded Fiberglass parts: Made of  temperature, aging resistance and water resistance polyester resin,and the surface use gel coat resin, which with anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, bright and clean, no legs and other characteristics.
2. Blower: It can be equipped with aluminum or fiberglass blower according to users’ requirements.which with reasonable tower matching, air volume, low noise and so on.
3. Motor: Use outdoor cooling tower dedicated motor and reducer with smooth operation, low energy consumption, long life, low noise, high temperature and so on.
4. Water distribution system: It can using rotary water distributor or pipe water distribution system according to users’ requirements . Cooling tower water system with uniform water distribution, low water supply pressure, easy maintenance and so on.
5. Oblique wave packing: The wave type packing has the characteristics of large heat dissipation area, uniform redistribution of water, large temperature difference, small wind resistance, good performance of soaking oil and poor adhesion of scale etc. Its performance in full compliance with the Department of Energy NDGJ88-99 “cooling tower plastic leaching filler technical requirements” and DL / T742-2001 ” Electric cooling tower water filler standard.”
6. Steel structure: Use advanced processing technology and anti-corrosion using hot galvanizing process and plus two anti-corrosion paint with particularly strong anti-corrosion ability  .
7. The collection type of the cooling tower with large capacity and manual & automatic replenishment device, sewage and overflow pipe, which no need to design the pool.
8. No chassis type cooling tower is a low cost, light weight, small wind resistance, good stability and so on.
9. Silent series of cooling towers using a unique and advanced silencer technology which in the leading position of the world.
10. The tower has good stability and strength and can withstand the earthquake cracking 8, 12 typhoon attack.
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