Advantages of FRP Anchor Rock Bolts and Rock Bolts Machine


Fiberglass rock bolts  has following advantages compared with steel rock bolts:

1. Non-metallization: can be cut, anti-static, flame retardant to meet the safety requirements of coal mines;
2. High strength: tensile strength of high-performance fiberglass reinforced plastic anchor can reach 1.5 times than steel anchor;
3. Good durability: high corrosion , acid resistance, high temperature, low temperature resistance and ensure not corrosion more than 20 years under down hole operation ;
4. Light weight: only 1/4 ~ 1/5 weight of steel anchor rock bolts, which greatly reducing the labor intensity of the installation of workers and improve operational efficiency;
5. Low production costs: direct production costs lower than similar steel anchor rods.
Through above comparison, fiberglass anchor rock bolts has great advantages compared with metal anchor . To produce high-strength fiberglass anchor rods need one good machine.

Full-thread fiberglass anchor rock bolts forming machine is a new type of high-tech products that can produce different types of FRP anchor rods. It can process different types of products. The main components are fiberglass, resin and curing agent which change the performance of bolt
Full thread FRP anchor rods forming machine is a machine to producing full thread FRP anchor rods, which mainly composed of preform, hydraulic traction, electrical control system and automatic cutting system.

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