Pultrusion Process And Molding Process


The common points of the pultrusion process and the process of glass fiber reinforced plastics molded process:

Both of them belong to fiberglass products production technology, and the products produced by the two process are generally used in combination with each other. Such as installation of the operating platform, mainly fiberglass grating plate, but like some fiberglass frame, fiberglass square tube, and other fiberglass profiles are pultrusion products. So the biggest common ground is complementary.
Different points of glass fiber reinforced plastic pultrusion process and molding process:

1, production characteristics

The characteristics of the production of the pultrusion process are: the production rate is fast,

the operation is convenient and the variability is high,

so the new product can be changed only by changing the mould. Therefore,

the type of the pull to squeeze more than the type of craft products.

The production characteristics of the molding process are: basically all of the manual operation, time consuming,

the mold can not be replaced, the form of a single product.

But its advantage is that the performance of the molding process is relatively stable and durable.

2, production principle

The production principle of the pull extrusion process is to produce the semi automatic mechanical equipment,

which is characterized by fast speed and easy operation.

While the molding process is relatively speaking, the whole production process is manual operation.

The whole production process is time consuming. And operation trouble.

3, the use of handicrafts

Two kinds of process of product use scope and occasion is also somewhat different,

such as glass steel bridge is pultrusion process for the production of products,

which is molded fiberglass gratings production.

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