Some frp pultruded profiles questions you may want to know


1. Is FRP Pultruded profiles poisonous?

—–Pultrusion resin contains styrene which has detrimental influence to the human body,but the complete ventilation system will exclude the harms to human.
—–Pultruded profiles with food-grade resin is not toxic, and they can be used in water plantpipes.
2. If the surface of FRP pultrusion profile is defective(hole) and needs to be rectified, what good material we can use?
—–Poly-Putty Base, we can select the most suitable putty according to profile which is expected to be rectified.
3. What’s the color of fiberglass pultrusion resin?
—–A desired color can be made through adding pigment.
4.How to resolve the uneven color in different part of FRP profile during pultrusion process?

—–Firstly, we should check whether there is something wrong with hydraulic pressure system;
—–Secondly, is clamping equipment working smoothly?
—–Thirdly, is the glass fiber density is exceeding the maximum production requirement.?
If the white color appears in the protrusion profile , the reason is probably is the fillers are distributed improperly, this problem can be resolved by adding dispersant. If there is white powder on the surface finish, that’s because the excessively high temperature, it may lead to raw materials are blocked in the mould, so the mould temperature should be kept appropriately.
If you found light and dark color when the machine starts, the main reason is because of the different resin viscosity.When the white spots or roving appear on the fiberglass product surface, there may be three reasons:
a. Roving and mat doesn’t statured with resin completely, the mat is too thick, or the mat quality isnot good;
b. Some other impurity things are inserted into raw materials, which cause bubble between two mat layers;
c. Resin is too thin on the pultruded profile surface.
Some frp pultruded profiles questions you may want to know
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