How to Identify the Quality of Fiberglass Molded/Pultruded Grating


FRP Molded or Pultruded grating quality can not only use price as a reference standard. Generally speaking, price only a small reference as different manufacturers have different offer. So, what are the methods to identified?

1. Appearance: This is a very intuitive way to identify. Surface no damage, off block, cracks, holes and so on, if there is, it shows poor quality.

2. Glass fiber yarn: Normally, fiberglass yarn layers must meet certain criteria. For example, 38 * 38 * 25 FRP grating with 5 layers yarns while 38 * 38 * 38 FRP grating with 8 layers. Generally it use intermediate filament to produce, and high quality requirements used alkali free filament. In addition, the degree of thickness of fiberglass filaments, distributed evenly, closely all decided the quality of FRP molded grating.

3. Resin and filler ratio: resin and filler ratio is 1: 0.9, this is the industry standard. Many manufacturers in order to control production costs, they change the ratio of the resin and filler into 1: 1 or even 1: 1.2, then it resulting in less resin, more filling and grating surface looks turbid and color not bright.

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