How Many Characteristic of Fiberglass Products?


Characteristics of Fiberglass Pultruded porducts: lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, good insulation properties, low heating transfer, good thermal insulation, resistance to instantaneous ultra-high temperature performance and easy to be colored, also go through electromagnetic waves etc. Compared with common metal materials it has following characteristics:

1. Fiberglass pultrusion products can be designed and compounded according to different environment and special performance requirements,so if choose suitable raw materials,it can basically met the various performance requirements.

2. Another obvious characteristic is one-time molding fiberglass different from metal material. As long as choose the suitable laying method and arrangement according to program product design, fiberglass and structure will be finished at one time.

3. Energy-saving material: If use hand lay up method, FRP forming will below 100℃, so molding production in low energy consumption. Even these and those forming process for machines,such as molding, winding, injection, RTM, spraying, squeezing etc. Caused by its molding temperature much lower than metal materials and non-metallic materials,molding energy consumption can be greatly reduced.

In summary, compared with traditional metal materials and non-metallic materials, FRP characteristics with high strength, good performance, energy conservation, freedom design, wide use adaptability etc. In a certain sense, fiberglass material is one of materials that’s wide application and great prospects.

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