FRP Hand Lay-Up Tank


Unocomposite FRP Hand Lay-Up Tank Suitable for: aquatic products, fish

Applications : sea water, rivers, reservoirs, streams, fish ponds, domestic and other aquaculture.

Characteristics of FRP reinforced polymer hand lay-up tanks:
1. Not easy to age, no deformation, not weathering peeling at 65 degrees Celsius
2. Heat insulation and good heat retention effect
(thermal conductivity 0.14kcl/mhr degrees Celsius)
3. Fiberglass fish tank is nontoxic and pollution-free. Raw materials are in line with health and safety standards of the state
4. Smooth surface, no moss, preventing from microbial attachment growth
5. Tough texture, impact resistance
6. FRP tanks has long service lift and can be up to 50 years
7. Low cost of installation, maintenance and movement
(1) Glass fiber reinforced polymer fish pond is light weight, flexible and convenient to move, simple installation in short time
(2) The surface does not require paint and so on, the inner surface is smooth and stain free
(3) The assembled fish pond is fixed by bolts, easy to assemble and disassemble, very convenient to move at low cost

Usage methods:
It is very simple to use FRP tank, just clean it and put on a sufficient amount of water. The tank also named FRP basin, has excellent thermal insulation effect and very easy to use, not prone to deformation or weathering naturally.

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