Fiberglass Fishing Rod / Carbon Fishing Rod / Carbon Fiber Mixed Hybrid Rod


Unicomposite fiberglass reinforced pole also known as FRP roller fishing rod or fiberglass resin pole which made of fiberglass satin with pre penetration epoxy resin, phenolic resin after high temperature to curing (hollow tube or solid rod), which has good toughness and elasticity. It is the first generation of factory made fishing rod towards modern synthetic materials. Fiberglass fishing rod has good insulation. The more content of fiberglass, the softer the pole itself. The fishing rod production process has very strict requirements. Especially because of fully mixed of unsaturated resin and glass fiber cloth, its physicochemical functions are improved a lot during high temperature curing process, which leads to excellent toughness. Then we call it the top grade fiberglass roller rod.

Carbon fishing pole also known as carbon fiber rod made of high-tech carbon material. It has electrical conductivity (omega cm– – 1.5 * 10-3) and very good tensile strength (as calculated in units of 12000 filaments, with tensile strength of kg/mm2 – 400). At present, most carbon fiber fishing rods are made of non woven carbon fiber longitudinal tubes, which are cured by dipping resin. The content of carbon fiber directly determines the value and quality of fishing rod. General carbon contents are 30%, 90%, 97% or so.

Some manufacturers due to the price, performance considerations, some mixed materials fishing rod are produced in the inner and outer layers made of different fibers, some made with the first three sections carbon fiber, tail section is fiberglass reinforced plastic. The fishing rod has certain advantages in price and performance, for example, to a certain extent it makes up the lack of sensitivity of FRP rod which greatly reduces the possibility of thunderstorm under high-pressure environment of electric shock due to the glass steel tail section. Because of the cheaper price than the general carbon rod, it maybe unacceptable to be mistaken as false carbon. In fact, this is also a good option.

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