How To Choose Fishing Rods


(1) A clear goal: a large variety of rods available in the market for sale, a very big difference in specifications and price. How to choose the specific one, the following three points should be considered:
A. Determine the price range: fishing rod difference is very large, carbon poles are more expensive than glass fiber reinforced rod. You can set a price range according to their economic ability and then to choose within this range.
B. Determine the length of fishing rod: according to your fishing waters, determine the length of the fishing rod. For the general waters you can choose 5-7 meters long fishing rod, this length is suitable for a wide range.
C. Determine the rod tip soft and hard: fishing rod can be soft pole, middle hard rod and hard poles. You can choose the first choice rod according to you habits. If there is no other considerations, or if you are a new buyer of fishing rod, then a middle hard pole could be a not bad choice. Before the selection of fishing rod, you should have a more clear direction, otherwise you will be at a loss when facing so many fishing rods choice.

(2) Choose fishing rod method: glass fiber reinforced plastic pole and carbon pole material is different, but the same structure , are inside telescopic type, so the purchase method is the same, you can select as follows:
A. Unscrew the back cover of the fishing rod and pour out all the sections to see if the wall thickness at each section is uniform, any damage available and whether the surface painting is even and smooth and beautiful,
B. The overlap of each tube is too long or too short, is there any disconnection? General requirements overlap from rod pole to rod end should increase from cm to cm gradually.
C. Pinch each section of rod from the head to the end and watch the wall thickness is uniform. Remember not too hard. It’s normal to have slight deformation.
D. Screw the back cover and take the sections out in sequence. Check the tightness of each joint. No gap is allowed when shaking and to see whether the whole rod is straight or not.
E. Pull the pole by one person, and the other will slowly raise the fishing rod to see whether the whole pole body becomes a natural arc, especially watch the shape of the joint.

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