Application of FRP Round Pipe in Aquaculture


Glass fiber reinforced plastic round tube is made of glass fiber roving, mat, and other reinforced materials, resin and other matrix materials to be continuously formed by high temperature heating and come into constant cross-section fiber reinforced plastic products. FRP tube or pole have high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance and long service life.

FRP products are widely used in modern agriculture and poultry farming, and also have many applications in aquaculture. Seaweed kelp planting requires the use of support pole. In deep-sea seaweed cultivation, due to the deep sea water, high wind and waves, and high corrosiveness of the sea water, the original bamboo supporting poles are no longer enough to be used in such application. While it requires supporting poles have high strength (tensile strength, bending strength, torsion strength), resistance to chemical corrosion of seawater, and high straightness.

The special fiberglass rods and poles for seaweed cultivation have taken into account the differences and changes of various outdoor complex conditions in the product formulation design. UV resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, crack resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. (The product will not change the physical properties and dielectric constant under long-term exposure or use between -50 degrees and 100 degrees).

In the fishing industry, FRP round pipes are also used. FRP is used as a support pole to connect the fishing net. It can replace bamboo, pvc pipe and other materials. The length of the FRP pipe can be arbitrarily customized according to the depth of the sea water, and it is easy to cut, convenient for transport and install.

Application of FRP Round Pipe in Aquaculture

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