Assembled Fiberglass Water Tank


Assembled fiberglass (FRP) water tank is a kind of water tank. It is widely used in hotels, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, etc. as public living, fire-fighting water, and industrial Ideal product for water storage facilities.

Assembled Fiberglass Water Tank

Assembled Fiberglass Water Tank

Installation method of assembled FRP water tank:

  • When installing the fiberglass water tank, pay attention to leaving a maintenance channel of no less than 80 cm between the wall and the wall, and the bottom and top of the tank should not be less than 50 cm.
  • The bottom of the fiberglass water tank must have a good concrete foundation, the level must be well done, and the foundation must be well done because the weight of the water tank is all on the concrete.
  • After the FRP water tank is assembled, close the outlet pipe and drain pipe, open the water inlet pipe, and it is qualified if there is no leakage within 24 hours after filling the water tank.

Matters needing attention in the use of assembled FRP water tanks:

  • It is necessary to regularly check whether the steel fittings of the FRP combination water tank are loose, or corroded and whether the water tank is deformed.
  • Hot water and other liquids containing chemicals cannot be stored in the water tank, which will corrode the water tank.
  • When cleaning and maintaining the water tank, use soft tools to prevent the water tank from being scratched. Before storing water in the water tank for a long time, drain the water inside and clean it before using it.
  • In order to drink clean water, the water tank should be cleaned frequently to keep it clean.

The assembled FRP water tank solves the pollution problems such as water leakage, long moss, and steel plate anti-rust coating easy to fall off and easy to corrodes in the original old water tank. And easy installation and other features, it has been widely used in residential buildings, hotels, restaurants, and other buildings.

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