Characteristics of Fiberglass Panels


Fiberglass is a new type of synthetic material. Like other composite materials, it consists of two parts: one part is called reinforcement material, which plays a core role in the composite material; the other part is called matrix material, which plays a bonding role. The reinforcement in fiberglass is glass fiber, an inorganic material that is twice as strong as high-strength steel. There are two production processes for fiberglass sheet products, one is machine-made pultrusion production, and the other is the production by hand lay-up.

Characteristics of Fiberglass Panels

Machine-made pultruded fiberglass panels

Machine-made pultruded fiberglass panels have the following characteristics:

  • Light weight
  • Thermal insulation performance
  • Stable surface performance
  • Good permeability resistance
  • Good flame retardancy
  • The service life of the product is longer than that of traditional products
  • Ease of maintenance: no obvious repair trace
  • Good environmental performance
Characteristics of Fiberglass Panels

Hand lay-up made fiberglass panels

Hand lay-up made fiberglass panels have the following characteristics:

  • Flexible production, all shapes, sizes, and thicknesses
  • The price is relatively low because its production process is relatively simple, it does not need to invest much cost. Handmade, small quantities can also be customized.
  • Can be made on site

Fiberglass Panels from Unicomposite

We supply Various fiberglass panels such as pultruded hollow decking, pultruded open decking, and pultruded multi-leg panel which is well-proformed. All Unicomposite’s fiberglass deckings and panels are widely used in flooring, seawall, walkways, cooling tower, vehicles, platforms, etc.

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