Application of Fiberglass Angle


How is Fiberglass Angle Made?

Fiberglass angle is made by heating and pultruding continuous glass fiber covered with a glass fiber mat and soaked in unsaturated polyester resin (or epoxy resin, phenolic resin). Fiberglass profiles are very tough and firm, and the absolute value of their longitudinal bending strength and impact strength has exceeded that of ordinary steel. Anti-corrosion performance, high-temperature resistance performance, and good insulation performance. The fiberglass product has a long service life in places with acid and alkali media.

Application of Fiberglass Angle

Fiberglass angle

Fiberglass profiles include standard profiles such as square tubes, rectangular tubes, round tubes, angles, I-shaped materials, channel materials, bars, and other standard profiles of various sizes, as well as various special profiles customized for customers. Fiberglass profiles are made into products through proper connection and combination and are widely used in different fields.

Fiberglass pultruded profiles are used in insulating support members, antenna columns, high-voltage cable trays, high-voltage power supply operating rods, generator radiators, stairs and handrails, operating platforms, aisles, oil storage tanks, switchboards, distribution rooms, drainage systems, Berth and seabed identification marks, pressure rods in trains and cars, corner panels, highway barriers, sound-absorbing panels, anti-glare panels, packing brackets in towers, filter plate brackets, and frame materials for cold storage.

Application fields of Fiberglass angle:

  • Petrochemical industry: Due to the excellent corrosion resistance of FRP, it is widely used in petroleum and chemical industries for power and pneumatic circuit brackets, generator radiators, stairs and handrails, operating platforms, and aisles. Oil tanks, switchboards and switch rooms, drainage pipes and drainage systems, berth identification marks and seabed identification marks, sucker rods for oil wells, packing supports in towers, filter plate supports, etc.
  • Electricity: Due to its superior performance, extruded profiles are widely used as insulating support members, high-voltage cable bridges, antenna columns, and high-voltage current operating rods.

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