Attentions When Using Gel Coat


Attentions when using the gel coat

1. We should avoid direct sunshine, the temperature is less than 25℃, and keep the methyl ethyl ketone away, when you store the gel coat.

2. We should make the gel coat pour into the clean bucket, and avoid the generation of the dust in the pretreatment of mold and gel construction area.

3. Don’t mix more air, when you stir the pigment or curing agent.

4. In order t avoid thixotropic index decline, separation of paste/gathered, plastic flow and bubble, you should use a high shear mixing equipment.

5.Ban pour gel coat on the mold directly, then brush.

6.Don’t mix the gel coat very fast, so conducive to air escape.

7.The dosage of mixing curing agent should be suitable, you can adopt the way of measuring the gel coat time to check the dosage of curing agent.

8.Avoid fisheye, please don’t use the mold pel contain silicone.

9.Use the methyl ethyl ketone peroxide with good quality, low water content and medium reactive oxygen species content. Bad curing agent will serious impact on the performance of the gel coat.

10.Don’t add the accelerator in the colorful gel coat, for fear that effect color.

For pultruded tubes, fiberglass rods, angles, frp beams, gel coat also can be added, but it’ll take more labor cost after pultrusion process.

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