Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Products Project Services


Unicomposite can provide all kinds of fiberglass products include the project total package service , construction program, project proposals, specific services as follows:

Product design, mold design, material selection and process design, polyester resins and modified epoxy resin pultrusion formulations, pultrusion process parameters, pre-production and training. Winding, molded fiberglass and other technology products and services. Hand lay fiberglass molds and production technology.

Using our equipment, molds, technology has produced fiberglass reinforced plastic wood suite door, windows, surrounded by fence, cable tray (box) and the protection tube, insulation ladder, molds, cable bracket, water supply, drainage, corrosion control, grill bracket, core umbrella, mosquito nets pole, tent poles, anchor, tool handles, pipe, bar, channel, angle, I-profiles, ladder, plate, shaped plate, insulation ladder, cross arm, sign posts, anti hit flaps, anti-glare panel, sports equipment, inspection wells, manhole covers and other products.

The company can offers a variety of processed fiberglass reinforced plastic surface, sanded, imitation wood, painting, polishing, and so on.

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