Bridge Made in Fiberglass


Fiberglass Made Bridge is an effective solution for quick and cost saving water crossing.

It was first Dr. Johnasen from University of Pennsylvania came up with the idea of using light weight but strong material Fiberglass to design an cost effective and easy construction modular bridge in year 1987. Dr. Johnasen has founded E.T. Techtonics, a bridge design firm to realistic his brilliant idea, in year 2016, then E.T. Techtonics was purchased by Creative Pultrusions.

The basic structure of Fiberglass Bridge are normally Beam Structure Bridge and Truss Structure Bridge. By prefabricating Fiberglass Bridge Modulus, it makes the process of designing and building a pedestrian bridge much easier than traditional way due to Fiberglass Materials’ special mechanical function.

A popular Fiberglass Pedestrian Bridge Modulus contains following composites:

Fiberglass Beams, which takes in bridge structure the most overload.

Fiberglass Bridge Decks, that only takes part of the bridge overload in bridge structure.

Fiberglass Rebar, which not only can be applied in Bridge building, but also many other big construction fields for example High-Way Construction, Autobahn Over-Cross, Ocean projects etc.

Fiberglass Materials has advantages over other traditional construction materials like Steel, Wood, Concrete in Fire-Proof, Rust-Proof, Light-Weight and Cost-Effective.


Bridge Made in Fiberglass

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