FRP Gratings and Its Features


FRP Grating, is a kind of plate material with lots of blank space using fiberglass as reinforced material, unsaturated polyester resin as matrix, through special processing with lots of blank space. FRP gratings can be used as a structural material, used for the floor of corrosion environment, trench cover, platform, ship deck, stair, catwalks, etc. It comes with the characteristics of corrosion resistance, flame retardant, non-magnetic insulation, bright-colored, various styles and forms, etc.

The gratings are made by interlacing fiberglass, casting resin and moulding as a whole. All the gratings are made of fiberglass with rectangular and square Spaces, which has the mechanical characteristics of bidirectional homogeneity. It can be widely used in the work platform, equipment platform, drilling platform, walkway of petroleum, chemical electronics, electric power, paper industry, printing and dyeing, electroplating, Marine exploration, sewage treatment and some other industries, which is an ideal product in the corrosive environment, and also suitable for civil construction facilities.

The performance characteristics of FRP gratings are as follows:

Corrosion resistance

It has excellent corrosion resistance to acid, alkali, organic solvent, salt and other gas and liquid media which comes with incomparable advantages in the field of corrosion protection. According to the requirements of practical application, orthophthalic, terephthalic and vinyl resin can be economically selected as the matrix material.

Aging resistance

Theoretically, the lifespan can be over 20 years.


Excellent electrical insulation, no breakdown at 10KV voltage;Without electromagnetism, which can be used in equipment sensitive to magnetism. The special structure of FRP grating also has the characteristics of anti-skid and anti-fatigue.


Color is optional. Be able to customize color according to customer’s requirement, and improve the environment of production site. Usually FRP grating colors include: yellow, black, gray, green, blue, red and transparent or translucent and so on. You can use a single color or a combination of them.

Outstanding designability

Flexible sizes, Easy to cut and dimension stablility.

FRP Gratings and Its Features


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