FRP Application Prospect and Field


Fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP), also known as GFRP, is a fiber-reinforced plastic, generally referred to the fiberglass reinforced unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resin matrix. Reinforced materials based on reinforced plastics with fiberglass or its products are called fiberglass reinforced plastics, which are different from tempered glass.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic is a kind of composite material, and because of its unique performance advantages, it has been used in the industries of aerospace, railway, building decoration, household furniture, display advertising, craft gifts, building materials, sanitary ware, yacht docking, sports material, sanitation engineering and a dozen of related industries. FRP products are also different from traditional materials, which are much better than traditional materials in the performance, application and lifespan. It is highly appreciated by businessman and sellers because it is easy modeling, customizable and colors blending at will and takes an increasing share of the market.

Detailed applications are as the following industries: ferrous metallurgy industry, non-ferrous metallurgical industry, power industry, coal industry, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, mechanical and electrical industry, textile industry, automobile and motorcycle manufacturing, rail industry, shipbuilding, construction, light industry, food industry, electronic industry, postal services, culture, sports and entertainment industry, agriculture, business, medicine and health care industry, and the application field of many aspects, such as military and civilian applications.

FRP Application Prospect and Field

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