FRP Rebars


Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) is a kind of fiber reinforced composites (FRP).

Fiber reinforced composites are made of high performance fibers, synthetic resin matrix and curing agent by proper forming process. High performance fibers are reinforcing materials and synthetic resins are matrix materials. Fibers have high tensile strength and are fiber reinforced composites. The main providers of material strength are mainly loaded. They are mainly carbon fibers, aramid fibers, basalt fibers and glass fibers. Matrix materials have the function of bonding and transferring shear force, and their physical properties can affect the physical properties of fiber reinforced materials.、

Characteristics of fiberglass reinforcement:

(1) High load-bearing capacity, strong tensile capacity, bar strength is twice the same diameter of threaded steel bar, but the quality is only 1/4 of the steel bar;

(2) The elastic modulus is stable, about 1/3-2/5 of the reinforcement.

(3) Electric-thermal insulation, thermal expansion coefficient is closer to cement than steel bar;

Glass fiber reinforced bars are similar to steel bars in performance, and have good bond with concrete. They also have high tensile strength and low shear strength. They can be easily cut directly by composite shield machine without causing abnormal tool damage. But the biggest difference between glass fiber reinforced bar and steel bar is that the elastic modulus of glass fiber reinforced bar is small, and it is a typical brittle material. The stress-strain curve shows obvious linear relationship before fracture, which greatly affects the stability of glass fiber reinforced cage during lifting and the flexural and shear bearing capacity of glass fiber reinforced diaphragm wall during pit excavation

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