Performance Evaluation of Fire Safety of FRP Profiles


The combustion process of FRP structures not only emits a lot of heat, but also often accompanied by a lot of smoke and poison fog. A large number of fire house accidents after investigation, only 10% – 15% of the people were burned to death, the remaining 80% – 85% of the people killed by fire choking or poisoning. Therefore, with the increasing awareness and requirements of the society on fire safety, the fire safety of FRP has become one of the main constraints to further expand its application in the field of construction and transportation etc. The flame retardant modification alone can not meet the requirements of the times. At the same time, FRP products must be endowed with low smoke and low toxicity.

Fiberglass profiles is usually modified by adding and reactive flame retardants. The price of reactive flame retardant system is high, which limits its application. More than 95% of products in the world are modified by adding flame retardants. By adding flame retardants to improve the fire resistance of FRP, it has the advantages of simple operation, remarkable effect and low cost. At present, it has been developed into halogen-free, high-efficiency and multi-functional composite flame retardant and smoke suppression additives.

The fire safety performance of FRP should be considered comprehensively from the following aspects:

  1. Difficulty of combustion (oxygen index, etc.)
  2. Flame Diffusion and Surface Propagation Behavior on Material Surface
  3. Total and Peak Heat Release in Combustion Environment
  4. Smoke behavior during combustion (smoke volume, smoke density, smoke velocity, etc.)
  5. The behavior of material decomposition to release toxic cases in combustion environment
  6. The performance of maintaining mechanical strength (thermomechanical properties) for a certain period of time after fire.
  7. Fire Resistance after Aging

In Europe and the Americans, there are more detailed fire retardant test methods and grades, such as ASTM E 84, BS 476-7, ISO 5658-2.

Performance Evaluation of Fire Safety of FRP Profiles


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