Carbon Fiber Explore New Pattern


Carbon fiber (fiber Carbon) is a kind of high strength and high modulus fiber polymer material with carbon content more than 90%. In Twentieth Century early 60’s, first commercially available carbon fibers can be applied, some leading companies such as Rolls-Royce, Coutaulds and so on began to use carbon fiber manufacturing super light and super parts. Carbon fiber is known as the “king of new materials, as a lightweight and high-strength strategic new material, carbon fiber is mainly applied to the field with the development of technology of carbon fiber, now the carbon fiber in the field of national defense, aerospace, automotive industry, energy equipment, construction and other wide application.

Carbon fiber as solid as rocks and tough, and also such as hair, which is the pursuit of human quality in the field of materials diligently since ancient times. LOHO glasses life is the application of carbon fiber enterprises as dark horse. In June 2015. LOHO glasses life through the official voice, officially announced pre-sale listing weighs only 7.87 grams of carbon fiber glasses, far sales is excellent, which is carbon fiber materials and life was using the most widely used for the first time. LOHO is a great advantage of its flexible industrial chain, the introduction of carbon fiber materials from Germany, put energy into the design and production of carbon fiber glasses.

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