Pultruded Polyurethane And Epoxy Resin


Pultruded polyurethane and general epoxy resin product application:

Both pultruded products can be used for strengthening the compressive strength of the cement ground or anti-acid and alkali chemical solvents and corrosion of ground and drainage ditch. Such as chemical, metallurgical plants, electroplating factory, power plant, pharmaceutical factory, PCB circuit board factory, paper mill, hardware factory, printing and dyeing factory

Product characteristics:

1. There is good tensile resistance, no cracking, no drop performance;

2 Be resistant to acid, alkali, salt and oil substances corrosive properties;

3. They are dust, waterproof, surface abrasion resistance, resistance to weight, impact resistance and other properties;

4. The former paint suitable for outdoor, the latter is in the room; then the biggest weakness or is strong ultraviolet radiation, fear will become yellow under the strong ultraviolet radiation, that is, fading, but does not decompose influence also use; but the former than the latter in weather resistance improved a lot, especially yellowing time of the former than the latter long many, so the former is often used for outdoor construction requirements.

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