Carbon Fiber Material Characteristics


There are two common types of carbon fiber products production process, pultrusion and roller. Carbon fiber materials and other strengthening materials comparison: (1) tensile strength: carbon fiber tensile strength is about 10 times than steel. (2) the tensile modulus of the carbon fiber composites is higher than that of the steel, but the tensile modulus of the aramid fiber and glass fiber composites is only half and 1/4 of the steel. (3): fatigue strength of carbon fiber pultruded and aramid fiber composite material fatigue strength is higher than that of high strength. The fatigue limit of the metal materials is only 30% ~ 40% of the static load, under the action of alternating stress. Due to the fiber and the matrix composite can ease the crack extension, and the possibility of the existence of the internal force redistribution of fiber, composite fatigue limit is higher, about static load strength of 70% ~ 80%, and in front of the destruction of significant signs of deformation. (4) weight: about 1/5 of the steel. (5) the comparison with carbon fiber board: carbon fiber sheet can be pasted on the structural surface of various shapes, and the plate is more suitable for the surface of a ruling member. In addition, because of the adhesive strength of the adhesive layer, the amount of resin is thicker and the adhesive strength of the adhesive layer is better than that of the concrete interface.

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