Vinyl Ester Resin Application


Vinyl ester resin can be divided into below parts according to the object for corrosion resistance:

1) corrosion-resistant fiberglass pultruded tubes, all kinds of drugs — tank, tank, chimney, scrubber;

2) corrosion-resistant FRP linings – fans, various drug tanks, chimneys, ventilation tubes;

3) the coating — the flue gas desulphurization device, the offshore building, the various drugs trough, the chimney, the vent pipe;

4) concrete tank lining — plant pit, electrolytic tank, sewage tank, etc.;

5) electrical collector plate;

6) separator blade, angle steel (by pultrusion process);

7) used as the binder, making TV tube explosion-proof insulation tape;

8) television parts;

9) gel coat on mold;

10) printing ink, printing plate (with light-cured).

Vinyl ester resin may be used in combination with other materials or made of vinyl ester resin for different manufactured goods, and composite application. The most widely used method in vinyl ester resin is that he can use it not only, but also with other thermosetting resins. The vinyl phenolic resin can improve the flame retardant performance, and has the corrosion resistance and aging resistance of organic solvent. It has been used to extract uranium from crude phosphoric acid and copper tailings. Because of its high heat resistance, high temperature resistance pipeline and chimney of a power plant and refrigeration plant. When temperature, media, pressure and other conditions superimposed, we should be careful when choosing the material.

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