Fiberglass Pultrusion Technology


With the expansion of the application field of FRP, the varieties of pultruded products abroad are more and more large. At present, besides the L – type, O – type, U – type, flat – type, hollow or solid core and other standard fiberglass products, we also can produce according to the customer ‘s requirements of the special-shaped structure. Some of the core material of the porous cavity products, and now also realize the standardization of the. The size of the pultruded composite products, only a few square millimeters, large as the bridge deck with the pull of the products, up to tens of square meters.

Fiberglass pultrusion technology used in reinforcing material of many varieties, such as fiberglass twistless roving, carpet, cloth or glass fiber fabric, carbon fiber, aramid fiber and their fabric, etc. The matrix resin material used in tension and pultrusion molding, there are two kinds of heat – plastic resin and thermosetting resin. Polyester resin, epoxy resin, vinyl ester resin, phenolic resin and other thermosetting resin, commonly used in large quantities of pultruded product production, while the thermal plastic resin matrix, is in a stage of development and production.

At present, the standard type of horizontal tension equipment, generally 20 ~ 30m long, a maximum width of about 1.5m. The standard equipment production line into the end of a glass fiber yarn supply base, followed by the drying and preheating of glass fiber yarn, after thermosetting resin dipping tank, formed in the mold, after heating curing.

In general, there is a long distance between the molding tool and the pull device, the fiberglass products can be within the distance, the completion of the curing process and gradually cooling. The production line uses the jig clamps the product from the pull extrusion mold, the fiberglass product pulls out. Finally, by cutting machine, pulling the extruded products into fixed-length product.

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